There is no connection between degree and intelligence

People are born ignorant, but not foolish. Education is foolish to people. This is the saying of Bernant Russell, the great mathematical philosopher. Education is for life, life is not for education. Generally, people think that education is life. But according to Russell, education is fooling people.

The world of journalism, the world of intellectuals, the world of scholars is called the media sector. Journalists have little knowledge of every field, but they are not experts. Intelligence is a different matter. In Nepal, the definition of intelligence is limited. Those who have a degree certificate are called intellectuals in Nepal. The relationship between intellectuals and journalism is long. Real intellectuals keep the journalist in check. Intellectuals are not the ones who are making journalists happy to publish their articles anyway.

It is not only intellectual to publish your article in a printing house. Some intellectuals do not write. Some write in small amounts. If you write a regular column in a magazine and it says that the author is an intellectual after your name, then you are called an intellectual. Read 500 books in 5 years, get a degree and become an intellectual. But degree has nothing to do with intellectual.

In our society, media institutes and newspapers have become a factory for stamping intellectuals. After being written on the opad page, the nickname of intellect comes. If populism begins to dominate the intellect, it will lose its color. The popularity of each region varies and the color of popularity varies according to the region. If you look for the popularity of a journalist in the popularity of a film star, it does not match. Nothing happens if someone forcibly puts a post or title on his shoulder.

After the decline of intellectuals and academic workers in the university, its society falls into the whole society. Is it the sociologist’s decision to understand society? This is also something to think about. The job of a sociologist is to understand society. Not to judge.

As the academies of the country gain popularity, the media of that country also becomes weaker. The society also believed that if we had information, knowledge and wisdom, we could become intellectuals by understanding as much as we did yesterday. Nowadays, after using Google, these things have become common. Nowadays, all kinds of software have come.

In today’s age, intelligence is the one that can understand the problems in our society from both sides. If you do not have a solution to the problem, you are a lawyer, not an intellectual. The only person who can find a solution to a problem is an intellectual. Therefore, time has changed the definition of intelligence.

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