There is no road, no car, the story of the road to Dolpa

A longtime journalist working in the BBC, courtesy of the BBC’s Common Question program, known to many as Bidya Chepagai, in a story to be seen, on the way to Dolpa, a place where many people have been dreaming, along with Dada Pakha.  The story is covered.  On the way to Dolpa, the people of Karnali are adorned with the dreams of the people.  Dolpa is a dream come true place connected to Jumla.

In Dolpa, where there is only a nominal road, even though tractors are transporting rice, people still walk, rejoicing in the same old way of shepherds, sheep go to Changra.  Although the journey along the Khalda Khuldi Hilo road is difficult, the atmosphere there makes the mind happy.  The locals say that they are happy with the climate, even though the crops ripen once a year and their life is difficult.  People walk to the front of the car, even though it is a big area.

A team of storytelling people from the town, town, newcomer to the story of suffering, laughter, happiness and days of struggle.  In the story.
Why Herne Katha?
people behind herne katha spent 15years of their lives doing journalism, one day they realized the need to tell more beautiful and inspiring stories of people the real people

herne katha team
herne katha is a web series produ by tana bana digital in nepal.we tell stories of people in the format of short episode of herne katha is publication on every alternate tuesdays (15days) on youtube .you can also watch herne katha on  kantipur television every tuesday 6:30 pm
script / direction – Kamal Kumar, presenter – Bidhya Chapagain, cinematographer – Jeevan Rijal, video editor – Sandesh Pariyar, producer – Enuma Rai

share your story -if you have a story that is suitable for herne katha, please do not hesitate to contact us.for singers and musicians -if you are an emerging artist or musicians, we need you.we went to feature your creation in our  episodes and support you to get noticed by thousands our audience.

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