There is no way to escape by showing the king, can the royal institution still return?

Kumud Lohani is a person closely watching Nepali politics, he was active in Nepali Congress politics since 2027. However, recently, after the Congress party abandoned the ‘doctrine’ of VP Koirala, he resigned, but his resignation has not been accepted by the Congress party yet. With the onset of factionalism and nepotism in the party today, all politics do not seem to have a place.

Lohani says that monarchy is still inevitable in Nepal. He has made a good identification between the leaders of Nepal and India and claims that the current leaders have failed in Nepali politics and the monarchy will return in any form. Lohani, who had worked as a commander in former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s constituency in Sunsari, was a member of the General Committee of the Nepali Congress. He is also known as an outspoken political analyst.

He says that the ‘doctrine’ of VP is still necessary in Nepali politics. And, the interests of Nepal and the Nepali people are what the king and the political parties should work together. He believes that if Nepal’s 250-year-long political background is left out, there will be one disaster after another in Nepali politics, and if such a situation continues, Nepal will cease to exist as a state. Kumud said that even the party leaders who have been ruling Nepal for a long time are gradually losing their image and the people are starting to recognize them.

According to him, there is no parental institution like the monarchy in the rise of corruption in Nepal and the departure of leaders. An interview with the same political analyst for Vishwa TV is being broadcast in 2 parts. Kumud has said that even though he has been actively involved in the Nepali Congress since 2027, until now the new leadership is not able to understand him and it hurts his heart. Kumud said that when the king came to Nepal now, some of the Rajabadis were motivated by a different kind of curiosity, but because of his love for Nepal and his work, the king came to Nepal.

Kumud said that it would be difficult for them to raise slogans to leave the king in the year 2046, even though they would not be able to hear it, but time and circumstances have changed everything. He said that people build their destiny with their actions and feelings of attachment towards them. He said that even when something is difficult, even when there is a disagreement, there are some things that have to be taken with a stone in the heart. Kumud said that despite the return of the monarchy in Britain and Cambodia, although the Rajabadis used to have a king in recent times, when the people started doing bad things, the people did not like his actions, Kumud said.

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