There is still the Hwangai Tower, and even on the day of its inauguration

The historic tower of Nepal, which is of historical significance, was demolished by the 2072 earthquake, after which the contract for the tower was tendered and the construction work of the tower was started. The work has not been completed even after one year of the inauguration of the tower by the then Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli last Baisakh. Oli, who was in a hurry to inaugurate the tower to register his name in Silanyas, has been slowing down the construction work by the contractor company since the inauguration.

Although the then Prime Minister inaugurated the tower when 60% of the work was completed on 20th of Baisakh, the work inside it is still incomplete, said the project manager. According to the project manager, after the construction of the outer covering tower, the tower was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Jew, but the project was done for the general public in the month of Chaitra. In Nepal, due to untimely completion of schemes, there is also slowness in the work of the employees. The company has said that the work should be completed within the month of Chaitra and the work should be extended till mid-July.

In order to keep the old road inside the tower intact, Nakarmi says that the work has been taken forward. Since the road from Dharagara to New Road is also old, it has to be rebuilt, he said. He has an idea to make it better by adding more. As 200 workers are working continuously, the construction work inside the tower will be completed within April.

He said that the construction will be completed by completing the entire process within the time given by the government within the month of April. He said that people will also have a museum in the old-fashioned tower in a way that suits everyone. The tower, which carries the historical significance of Nepal, was damaged by the earthquake, after which the reconstruction work of the tower gained momentum. The tower is being constructed under the Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry of Urban Development is inspecting it. Raman Construction Company said that despite the setbacks, all the subcontractors are operating at their own pace in order to complete the work in the month of Chaitra.

He said that there was a problem in constructing the road due to lack of land from the locals. He said it was difficult to get land as there were seven or eight storey buildings nearby. He said that the tower will be constructed by keeping the old structures intact. He said that the road leading to New Road from inside the tower will be built as it is.

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