There were many doubts about the death of popular singer Dilmaya.

No matter how much society has changed, domestic violence, discrimination, conservative thinking, and immorality have made it difficult for many people to leave their well-functioning home and leave the world forever. Dilmaya Sunar, a popular folk singer who is enjoying in the world of song music, has been found in a state of murder or suicide in her room by writing a sad status through her social network Facebook.

Popular folk double singer Dilmaya Sunar was mysteriously found hanging inside the room, with many grounds to suggest that she may have been murdered. After he was found hanging inside the room, a large crowd of artists has gathered at the Kathmandu Police Complex, Balaju, taking the initiative to investigate the incident. As the man on the side of the deceased was on the way, the police could not be reached for comment.

Dilmaya had requested on her Facebook page not to do postmortem of her body, while her mother wrote on Facebook to apologize for giving birth to her child, remembering that she had died on her own. According to the police, she has left the world by posting her status on Facebook at 2 o’clock at night. According to the police, she has a child from her first husband and has suffered a lot from her new boyfriend. Neighbors have also said that the boy came at night.

The boy said that he left at around 10 pm, while Dilmaya Sunar was a good singer, and as a shadow singer in a live rehearsal, he was considered as an artist with a new talent because of his good singing. He said that even if no complaint is lodged, the police chief here will not allow all the actors to escape under any circumstances. “People in the Lok Dohori area are determined to get him justice,” he said.

“Artists from all walks of life, in times of injustice to an artist, will continue to fight for justice,” he said. The nature of the incident suggests that the murder may have been a mystery. Police are investigating the cause of the mysterious murder of Dilmaya Sunar Ko. Although Dilmaya has suffered a lot from her status, she has written that she should not consider herself a coward.

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