This is how the Ghantaghar Clock works

In the 1950’s, Birshamsher set up a clock tower to inform the public about the time. The clock tower established at that time is still in operation. When there was no clock, people used to walk in the shadow of the sun. Many may not know how this historic clock tower operates. We hear the bell ringing from outside, but we don’t know how to ring it. Today we are going to get information about how the clock in the clock tower operates.

Ganesh Sapkota has been repairing the clock tower since 2044 BS. We are going to talk to him about how the clock is operated and how it is repaired. According to him, it is said that this historic watch was made by Bitis but there is no evidence. This watch does not require any other fuel or materials to run. It is enough to breathe for it. That is, the clock is ticking. Here the parts of the watch are separated. The running part is missing. Similarly, the other part makes a sound every 15 minutes. The part pushes to know the seconds, minutes and hours. Also, the other part rotates every hour. In this way, time is running on the clock clock through 3 parts. There are many bells and wires connected to the watch part.

According to Sapkota, you have to breathe once a week for a watch that has to be run by breathing like a mill. However, he said that he used to breathe twice a week as he had to use excessive force for that. The materials attached to the clock of the historic clock tower are also getting very old. He said that in this case, the watch should not be repaired and the goods should be made accordingly. He says that the goods bought in the market are consumed in a few days.

This clock tower of historical significance is within the reach of Trichandra Campus. Due to this, the Compulsory Campus has been taking charge of this watch. But so far the government has shown no interest in taking charge of the watch. The Department of Archeology has taken charge of the historical physical structure. But the Department of Archeology has not paid any attention to the clock tower.

In the year 2044 BS, Sapkota had brought this lifeless clock into operation. He said that he loves the watch he has been taking care of daily. He says that he is also saddened by the damage caused to the clock tower in the great earthquake of 2072 BS. He says that the clock tower, which is associated with his name, is like a member of the family. He hopes that this watch will continue even after his retirement.

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