This is how you get respect and support from the world

One person cursed God for not being able to buy shoes. One day he sees a man without legs crawling into the temple. He is surprised and thinks, I am poor, I am blaming God for not being able to buy shoes. This man has no legs but he is coming to God. He asks the person who has no legs, God has not given you legs. But why are you crawling to God? He smiles and says, “I have not given my legs, I have given my mind.” Upon hearing this, a person who blames God changes himself.

There are people behind me and there are people ahead of me. Therefore, it is possible to abandon the mentality of moving forward in the society. No man in this world can advance himself. Whether it is a famous artist or a great scientist. It is sad. Even if you see it moving forward from the outside, you cannot move forward from the inside. This does not mean that they are pushed back. There is no one behind. You should be happy about this. When a person thinks that he is ahead of others, then that person is always sad. One of the many reasons why people continue to suffer is that they try to get ahead of others. But no one is happier than others.

So to live happily in this world is to live in peace. Happiness is found in living calmly and satisfyingly rather than going ahead of others. There are two things in it, compassion and tenderness. Karuna means there are many weaker people in the world than me. If the thought of doing something for them comes to life, it provides a gift to the human mind. Because there are so many weak people behind me, to do something for them is the real meaning. Holding the hand of the one behind you and raising it gives you a sense of self-respect. The thought that I am doing something for others also makes the mind happy. The advantage of this is that it makes me happy immediately and in the long run, the people in front of me also help me. People ahead of me do what I do. Because it is science. There is a mirror cell in the brain that tries to mimic what the person in front of you is doing.

A person who tries to be alone, looking for food is called a demon. Divinity is that which seeks to do something for others and that is compassion. So the biggest investment in the world is compassion. This will give you respect and support from the world.

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