This is the different struggle of two generations searching for pearls in the country.

Madan Rai and Krishna Rai, two different generations of people who are seeing pearls in the resources of their country, who have gained a lot of experience from different countries and abroad, are struggling in different ways. Now people have to dream of going abroad to make ends meet. Agricultural expert Madan Rai has been teaching the new generation that by going to the corners of the country and abroad, there is a difference in the way of using a spade, then there is a possibility of social change.

His eyes still haven’t left to see the light of prosperity through education and agriculture, he has been struggling since the time when he was ashamed to even say that he is a farmer. Madan and Krishna, who became the source of inspiration for dreamers, are now taking the steps of the struggle forward by becoming the answer to thousands of people who have questions, who build a different kind of path in human life and make the next generation soul dependent. There is a new lesson to be learned.

Krishna Rai, who was born in Dharan in 2040, dreamed of becoming a Lahure from a young age, he changed his life by playing with the dusty soil of Dharan. Since he could not complete his basic education due to financial challenges, he has started to see the potential in the soil of his country. He changed his steps in the situation where the result was less painful. At first, after cultivating by himself, after his body and soil deteriorated, he started meeting with agricultural experts. The agricultural work that was once done to earn a living, today has become a treasure of crores.

The second number should be about agriculture, the third number should be economy, then others. If people give first priority to these sectors, they say that Nepal is a country rich in resources, so there is no need to do anything else. He says that Nepal has abundant resources for the development and transformation of society. Till date, he has visited 72 countries, Rai, he has visited 77 districts of Nepal twice. They tell me to watch.

Rai, who has had sex for 22-23 thousand days in his life, meets with 4-5 girls every day, says that he is fit despite his age in all areas. According to Rai, even though Nepal has enough soil to feed 10 crore people, due to the lack of sahi gyan, there is a need for outside countries to feed 3 crore people. They say that there is no one who is needed to develop the country, he says that when a person understands all the parts of his body from the bottom to the top, then the man will understand the world, otherwise he will be in the abyss of ignorance. He says that even at the age of 73, he can have sex like before.

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