This is the goat that came to Nepal by ship from Australia. How much does a 100 kg goat cost?

Although there are different types of goats in Nepal, sometimes for good quality goats from abroad, Nepal goats are ordered, some people order Nepalese goats for business, some bring good looking goats to Nepal. In Ratnanagar Municipality Ward No. 12 Jamuna Pur of Chitwan District, a local has taken Boer goats from Australia and reared them commercially.

Hari Prasad Bajagai of Chitwan has been rearing Boer goats commercially for the last three years. Hari Prasad, who has been involved in poultry farming for 35 years, has started raising goats there. They have been proving in Nepal that goats imported from abroad can do good business.

Earlier, they started their business from Nepalese goats, but gradually they started their business by importing foreign goats. According to Hari Prasad, the Boer goat of advanced breed imported from abroad weighs 5 kg as soon as it gives birth. He says that when he came up with the idea of ​​what to do in the time of lockdown, when he came up with a plan to move the agribusiness forward, he intended to move the goat rearing forward.

He said that after the foreign goats could be taken advantage of in Jalpur, he started raising goats there. He says that he has opened a goat foam to manage the debt after he is deeply indebted to Poltifoam. He says that he has been advancing his business by making life miserable.

He said that he took goats from Australia from a friend’s son in Madi and that he could raise them in Nepal. He has been making a living by living happily ever after, and is now producing foreign goats in Nepal. While people are thinking of going abroad to earn money, they are taking their goats from abroad to Nepal and furthering their business. He says that since the goats brought from abroad will be very good, he has decided to take this business forward nowadays

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