This is the history of YouTube, which earns millions

Many may be curious about the origin and birth of YouTube. Because people all over the world are trying to make money from YouTube. If so, today we will discuss how YouTube got started and what is its current status in today’s series.

Many young people lost their jobs after eBay bought PayPal in 2002. Among them were Chard Harley, Steve Jane and Jabed. There was a deep friendship between these three people. They shared everything with each other. There are two statements about how these three people came up with the idea of ​​creating YouTube. According to media research, the concept of YouTube came in 2005. One day there was a party at Steve Jane’s apartment, but Jabed could not join the party. He wanted to watch the video on the board from a distance. But the video was too long to share. Steff could not send Jabed because the video was too long. So they decided to create a website that would allow them to share videos as long as possible. From this, YouTube was born.

According to Jabed, the concept of making YouTube came in 2004. One day during a music concert, the clothes worn by the famous American singer and actress Janet Jackson were torn on the stage during the performance. Jabed Karim tried hard to watch the video but was unsuccessful. Broadcasting of such videos on any TV or other site was banned. But Jabed wanted to watch that video. Then in Yin’s mind, he thought that others like him would also like to watch videos. Two of his friends also worried about the video share. All three friends started working on the concept of a video sharing website.

They created a website called Tune in Hook Up. Where your favorite kids could talk for online dating. After this website was not very effective, they created another online website which was YouTube. It registered its domain on February 14, 2005 and renamed it an official website, YouTube. On April 23, 2005, along with building the website, Jabed uploaded a video. The name of the video was Mr. at the Zoo. With its growing popularity, from November 2005 to April 2006, YouTube began searching for video content creators and collecting interesting facts. As the number of videos increased, so did the audience. Due to which the number of advertisers also started increasing. He stopped advertising on TV and started advertising on YouTube.

Google has become very popular since its acquisition of YouTube. YouTube accounts for 45 percent of advertising revenue and 55 percent for content creators. Currently, YouTube is setting up its own studios in different countries to serve content creators and it also provides training.

Of the world’s 7.5 million people, 2 million are active users of YouTube. Whatever you search for on YouTube, you will find it immediately. That is why its popularity is increasing. YouTube has become a great source of revenue for those who create good content.

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