This is the story of Puja Sharma’s tears, the pain of making a movie without Paul

Puja Sarma, who has established her different identity from the Nepali music video and film industry, is one of the heroines who gets equal applause and abuse. Puja, who is presenting her talent to the audience in the field of art, said that she is always in conflict when she does any work. Puja said that even now, as a child, the habit of being close to everyone has caused a lot of controversy. She said that she used to get into conflicts as she did not have the habit of speaking her mind and keeping anything in her mind.

She said that Pooja will never forget Paul because he is her close friend, a friend who shares her feelings and understands herself. She said that she made the film without hurting Paul because she was known for her artistry and because of that she got the love of the audience. Puja, who cried when her friend was in jail saying that the movie would not play, but started commenting that she was happy after the movie, said that she has in mind what she will do for her friend, but she has chosen the war veteran because she has to look at the questionable life. Milos, who has been praying day and night, said that she is very happy to hear his small positive talk.

Actresses Puja Sarma and Paul Sah, who have been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, had been in the hall for some time now. Yes, it was a matter of great concern, but Puja said that when she visited the hall, she saw the presence and love of the audience, the artist did a good job and proved that the audience is very much in love with God in any situation.

Speaking for a friend, Puja said that she abused her sister as much as she did. Paul may have wanted the film to be presented in a different way in the music video field, but that incident has left his dream now in limbo, she said. The pain of not being able to watch her movie, the pain that Paul suffered, and the fact that Paul Sah was always in his heart, Puja said that Paul was always in his heart, the two were incomplete without each other. Since the audience saw how Paul lived for a year, Puja told Paul that no one could do anything about it.

Puja said that the film industry, which was raining down due to Korna, felt overwhelmed when she saw the crowd of spectators watching the film made by the two of them. The movie, which was made with a lot of confidence, to get a good response in the market, he was constantly doing his own thing. As the movie’s release date draws to a close, the review reveals that Paul’s audio recordings of Paul Sah Sah, who was attached to the movie, and Paul, who is worried that the movie will lose a lot, have won the hearts of viewers. She said she was confident there would be no injustice.

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