Those who say the mayor should not carry a stone would not be the mayor

According to the locals, they are constantly trying to fetch water in Dharan. Leaders like earning money, harassing the people, people like Hark Sampang, Balen Sah, Gopi Hamal should serve the people by getting involved in politics, said Budhapakha. He said that Rabbi Lamichhane should also play an important role in the development of the country by becoming a minister.

He said that there should be a good team to fulfill the common goal and that it plays an important role in building the society. He has said that he will not go even if he is requested to come from the party. Initially, he had different views from the party chairman, but now he has a good rapport with everyone, and the deputy mayor has a good friend. “People who used to play carom board, now they are breaking stones, working and walking on the path of development,” he said.

Mayor Hark Sampang requested the people of Dharan to give their invaluable votes and send for the development of Dharan. Are It is a great mistake to look at the meetings before today and to say that you have not been brought up in the place where you were born and raised. He has requested to continue working.

Mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolis Hark Sampang has constructed two drinking water tanks in Baguwa river to solve the drinking water problem in Dharan sub-metropolis in short term. People from old to young are determined to bring drinking water to Dharan by donating in public. He said that Sampang has been planting trees every Saturday to protect the water source.

Hark Sampang, who became the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan Municipality as an independent candidate. He said that he will continue to struggle till the service facility is not available. Hark Sampang said that he has not done anything, it should be the YY of the people of Dharan. He said that he should congratulate the people of Dharan on the day he fulfills his election commitment.

He said that as he is a normal person, he should change his life, for the sake of development, he will continue his work from simple work of breaking stones, carrying stones to big work. Mayor Hark sang the song for the sweet masses in an interview. He said that when Mayor Hark Sampang finds water sources, brings people and breaks stones with himself and distributes water to consumers, when everyone is together on the same label, intimacy will also increase. He said that even though he had to go to jail for trying to bring out such information, now he can get information on what he does not know.

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