Those who sent youth to Qatar police accumulated 14 million black money!

Verification of the demand letter of solely two hundred folks, clarification of the embassy that there’s no additional quota.

Over the past year, Al Tawqat Overseas Kingdom of Nepal has raised more or less Rs seven large integers . In step with him, every of the two hundred elite law enforcement officials has received a minimum of Rs. Responsibility for recruiting has been delegated to Overseas Labor registration number 279.

They have not created a right away group action into the workforce account. Through IME, funds are placed within the person’s name. ‘Agents have organized themselves into teams. We tend to summon the gang to the IME table and two-handed them with money. ‘We got the receipt,” admits another candidate, ‘and we tend to paid Rs seven large integer before the ultimate interview.” there’s a desire that you simply pay a further Rs three hundred,000 once the visa is received. In total it’s to be fourteen million. In step with the collective agreement reached between Qatar and Kingdom of Nepal on August twenty five, 2005, the govt has chosen to start the achievement method for the Qatar Police through a personal business.

While the workforce is assembling cash from the candidates, the Qatari Ministry of Interior has indicated that it’s the requirement of the Nepalese government to confirm that Nepalese staff will enter for gratis. “We paid the personnel company the service price. A charge of 1 month’s remuneration is paid to the workforce. staff aren’t needed to pay any fees. 

The Department of Foreign Employment, which is guilty of making certain that the hiring method is honest and legal, hasn’t done so. For Monday’s interview, the department failed to even send a representative. there’s no police work, in step with the department, as a result no grievance has been filed with Qatari police. ‘Normally, the department monitors once the section reports that they need to receive more cash.’ that is what happened throughout the Qatari police achievement procedure “he declared “The department can keep an eye fixed out for any signs of cash wash.

Entrepreneurs say that the department might not have monitored {the method|the method} because the power centers were concerned within the process of validating the demand letter. “Everyone is aware that money laundering and manipulation surface here as a result of the Qatari police are terribly engaging jobs,” said an officer with the Foreign Employment Businessmen’s Association.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and social insurance had taken a policy of causing staff with a service charge of Rs ten,000. The ministry has enforced this policy solely just in case of reaching to Asian country. The union officers same the policy ought to conjointly apply to candidates reaching to the Qatar police. “The department ought to make sure that {the cash|the cash|the money} is paid and also the money has come,” he said. The administration should firmly enforce the free recruiting method, in step with Nepal’s Ambassador to Qatar, Narad Bharadwaj. “We have a difficulty, in step with Qatar. it’s the same that if any mischief is discovered here, we are going to take action. it’s Nepal’s obligation to resolve the problems that have arisen within the country “From Bida, he stated.

Maniram Shrestha, director of Al Tawqat Overseas Kingdom of Nepal, failed to discuss the non-transparent choice method. “I am out currently. Sanjit Shrestha takes care of all the responsibilities of workforce. raise him out well if he’s not absorbed within the affiliation. ” “We haven’t taken cash from anyone. we do not take responsibility for what anyone outside has exhausted our name, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s administrator.

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