Thousands of women from Chitwan marched demanding justice for Sabita

Currently, the incident in Chitwan is very popular on social media. Sabita Bhandari of Shardanagar, Chitwan died on April 19. The family has been saying that she sacrificing his body. But the parents are not ready to accept this. It has come to light that he has been given a lot of mental stress.

Analyzing the voices raised over Sabita death, the people of Chitwan have taken to the streets demanding an impartial investigation into Sabita death and that Savita should get justice.

The case is currently pending in the court. Police had detained her husband on suspicion of murder. He was released on one lakh bail. A video of Savita being sexually abused by her father-in-law was also leaked.

Meanwhile, the neighbors have raised their voices and said that they did not say anything as they did not know the truth before. After the release of various videos in the media, voices have finally been raised. How can Savita, who sang at the toll road cleaning program on the morning of the day of her death, do that? Thousand of people want justice for sabita.

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