Three children died when gas exploded in Barhabise of Sindhupalchowk.

With the development of technology and the advent of new technology, people have to be just as cautious about these materials. The slightest negligence on the part of the people has led to many accidents. In the case of a gas leak in a house, three children of the same house have been killed and the parents have managed to survive.

The deceased have been identified as Isa Tamang, 10, Sargam Tamang, 6, and Dibya Tamang, 2.5. While cooking at home with his family, he says that he heard the sound of gas bispoton outside and saw the situation there. Although the parents were able to get out at once after the fire broke out, the children died as they could not come inside.

When the mother saw the father coming out, the neighbor said that the father could not speak during the interrogation and the mother said that the children were inside. According to the locals, when the parents were at the fair during the day and the room was full due to gas leak in the house, when everyone came to the house in the evening and tried to burn the gas, the house was reduced to ashes in two minutes. Gas Bale says that there is a slight sin and the same has not been leaked.

Although the mother was not seriously injured, the father was found by the fire and had to be hospitalized, said a local. According to the locals, the fire started only in the gas field and when the police arrived, there was not much area due to gas explosion. According to the locals, the bodies of the children were in a state of disintegration and they did not know each other.

According to the locals, although their bodies were burnt, they could not tell who they were by looking at their faces. All three have lost their lives while three girls from three houses were playing inside the house. When a person is negligent in even the smallest thing, the result seems to be great, which causes the human life to be ruined in an instant.

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