Thus Gyanendra Sah had planned his journey to the throne at the age of three

There was a monarchy in Nepal for a long time. The conspiracy of the state was changing when the monarchy could not be changed after some wrongdoing in the country.  When the people start acting against the national interest, then the government is found to be changing the government. People are making many changes in their lives.  Gyanendra, who became king before, is now out of power.
When Birendra was king after the advent of democracy, his younger brother Gyanendra, one day when the king took the throne, what are you doing? Before you, I was saying that I was the king.  Sage Kes Sah has written this in his story. Shri 3 Mahon Samser, who was trying to make Gyanendra king, had played many games.  They are the ones who have failed. The deeds that have been done in this way have caused a lot of pain to each other.71 years ago, Prime Minister Mohan Samser’s face was blurred with anger. Mr. 3 Mahon Samser came out from inside and asked the dignitaries.  There was talk of what you agree with. Everyone agreed with Shri 3. No one objected to Gyanendra’s coming to the throne.  He didn’t even bother to agree with one of them. After everyone spoke positively, Shri 3 Mohan Samser was in the race to make Gyanendra king.
After all the dignitaries agreed, Gyanendra Sah was to be given the throne.  He was forced to relinquish the throne in a short time after the controversy over making a child king. Mohan Samser’s struggles were not well-recognized.  Birendra had ascended the throne in a short time. A dinner was held at the palace of Jet 19 in 2058 BS.
Gyanendra, who became a minor king, became king at the age of 3 by raising his brother Birendra and his great-grandfather Birendra.  The United States was silent on the issue. India recognized Tribhuvan and Birendra. Mohan Samser was in the race to make Gyanendra king. Ananta Tribhuvan stayed in India for 1.5 months and became king.
A team led by his son was sent to India. Mahon Samser went to Tribhuvan as the king after his plan to have Gyanendra as king failed in the puja to be held in Kathmandu.  Gyanendra, who was unable to ascend the throne at the time, returned to the throne after Birendra’s family was killed in the murder case at the palace.
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