Thus, the farewell of the outgoing Prime Minister KP Oli from Baluwatar

47 months ago today, KP Sharma Oli entered Baluwatar as the most powerful Prime Minister of the country. But after 47 months, he has lost the trust of his own party and has to leave Baluwatar as a weak prime minister. The Nepali people wished Oli a prosperous and happy Nepali and gave him the post of Prime Minister for five years. But he could not use the position given by the people. He may have walked out of Balutar today after his own party failed to give him a vote of confidence due to his misuse of the PM’s post.

Leaders close to Oli say he had to step down as prime minister because of the Supreme Court’s mandate to curtail the rights of political parties and the parliamentary system. He said that in the history of the world, the parliament has been independent and no other country in the world has appointed a prime minister. He also said that the decision taken by the Supreme Court was a game to end the multi-party system. That is why they have expressed the view that such incidents should not happen in any other country in the world. After being removed, the Prime Minister is going to Balkot from Baluwatar. But the pro-Oli leaders say that the people’s mandate will come to this place again. He is confident that the people will send Oli to Baluwatar soon with the hope of the general Nepali people.

Leaders and cadres present at KP Oli’s farewell have expressed their grief. They have also complained that it should not be in the parliamentary practice. He said that it was unfortunate that the Supreme Court had set a bad precedent for appointing a Prime Minister. After Oli chanted the slogan of running the country for 10 years, the leaders close to him said that it was a parliamentary practice that Nepal had failed in today’s situation. He emphasized that the decision to go directly to the caretaker Prime Minister was a step in the right direction.

Pro-Oli leader bids farewell to outgoing PM There is a crowd of activists and their well-wishers. Oli, who became the Prime Minister till July 12, has become the outgoing Prime Minister on July 13. Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has been sworn in as the Prime Minister on July 13 evening. Shortly afterwards, the outgoing Oli left Baluwatar for Balkot.

Oli has left Baluwatar along with Lavalaskar of several vehicles. His supporters, who came to bid him farewell, are frustrated. As Congress leader Deuba’s government is a minority government, Oli’s activists are confident that it will not last long. Therefore, they are confident that Oli will enter Baluwatar again after some time. The scene of Oli’s farewell before the end of his term has refreshed the scene of King Gyanendra leaving Narayanhiti after the end of the monarchy.

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