Tika Sanu’s support for Anjana Rai’s treatment

Raju Thapa of Dhading has said that although he suffered a lot after his wife fell ill, he was very sad when his wife Anjana Rai’s health did not improve. He says that his wife is not safe even though he has a debt of 1.7 lakhs and his property is gone after he suddenly has a health problem. His wife Prati’s love has said that he is like a patient now.

Raju says that the health of Anjana, who has been struggling in the hospital for a long time, has not improved. Raju said that Anjana was brought to the hospital again after her health did not improve. Raju has said that when he saw the pain after the pressure, he felt like he would kill his soul after he lost his health. Raju said that since Anjana could not bear the pain at home, he brought her to the hospital to see if there would be any improvement. Seeing Anjana and Raju’s love, popular singer Teeka Sanu went with a big support.

The team of Binod Shrestha, the head of Isa Foundation Japan branch, took the support and the coordinator of the support collection team, Tika Sanu, went to Sanu. Many people have seen Anjana and Raju as a loving couple like Anita and Binod. Anjana, who was treated at Sahara Hospital 4 months ago, returned to the hospital after she did not improve. When he was first brought to the hospital, he had to be kept in the hospital for a long time because he did not have the money to pay the bills.

Raju said that now the creditors who have debts are coming to the house. Raju has said that he is struggling a lot to save his wife. Raju has said that Anjana, who has been sick for 2 years, sometimes cries and sometimes laughs. Raju said that seeing the condition of his wife, he does not even want to earn money now. Raj said that he is not able to eat the food grown from his land at home and he is struggling a lot to collect it.

A person’s grief sometimes suddenly falls without warning, which shatters a person’s life thoughts, desires, goals and attitudes in an instant. When she could not bear the pain and despair that she had experienced in life, sometimes she even thought of ending her life at once. She said that there will be ups and downs in life, and it has brought about a great change in people’s lives. Rejoicing with happiness and moving her life forward, Tika says that because she has suffered a lot in her life, the appearance of others seems like her own suffering.

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