Tiktok goes viral saying he will go to jail and marry Paul Sah.

Dhanmaya Suddi Magar, who is very popular in Tiktok, is very popular right now. Dhanmaya, who is known as Magarni in Taktok, says that she has fallen in love with the audience by watching her daily. She says that because she likes to have fun, she makes videos on a regular basis at home.

He said that his parents used to prefer him to stay at home. He said that although many people have negative thoughts while making tiktok, depending on their thoughts, they will always raise positive things. She said that some people have a slightly different opinion because they make a tick by wearing one-piece. In three or four months, she said that she was liked by many viewers. She said that because she was a big fan of Paul Sah, she was saddened by his imprisonment. She said that if she could get along, she would like to get married in the evening. She also said that she would like to play music videos with him.

One of the most popular social networking sites in the world is Yap. Facebook, which is now number one in the world, is increasing its users day by day. Business people have changed their lives overnight and some people have been using it for entertainment. People don’t even think about when and how their life changes, just like Tiktok has done the job of changing people in an instant.

Entertaining some people to make money, the much talked about Tiktok has started to cause a lot of positive work as well as wrong activities and now some countries have even bandaged it. This yap is used extensively for people who want to get involved in the field of art, or for people who want to promote something. Many people do not have enough money, even if they do not know about the field of art, Tiktok is considered to be a very useful medium for the backward people.

There are many people from Tiktok who are changing their lives by going viral overnight, while some people are losing their lives while spending their time on Tiktok, making videos. This yap, which has become twenty for some and nectar for others, has changed the lives of many people. Even people who have gone viral from Tiktok, now a popular artist, are increasingly using Yap, which has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

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