Tiktok viral couple who got married

No matter how much the society has changed, the disgusting idea of ​​caste discrimination in the minds of the people has not been removed till now, which has not even allowed the people to live freely in the society. Inter-caste marriages have also created a situation where many people lose their lives and have to leave their families and society altogether. After Ramesh Biswakarma and Sangita Shrestha Biswakarma, who are very popular on social media, got married after falling in love, they say that their family did not like them either.
Ramesh, who has even traveled abroad, said that he returned home after being beaten for various reasons. Ramesh Sangita, who was close when he was studying in college, said that he got married after finding his heart. Even though she is doing such a big business, she is very sad that her family is not with her. He said that even though he had done a lot of business in the past, he was not successful because there were no people to support him. He said that he is very happy that his sisters are helping him now.

One of the most popular social networking sites in the world is Yap. Facebook, which is now number one in the world, is increasing its users day by day. Business people have changed their lives overnight and some people have been using it for entertainment. People don’t even think about when and how their life changes, just like Tiktok has done the job of changing people in an instant.

Entertaining some people to make money, the much talked about Tiktok has started to cause a lot of positive work as well as wrong activities and now some countries have even bandaged it. This yap is used extensively for people who want to get involved in the field of art, or for people who want to promote something. Many people do not have enough money, even if they do not know about the field of art, Tiktok is considered to be a very useful medium for the backward people.

There are many people from Tiktok who are changing their lives by going viral overnight, while some people are losing their lives while spending their time on Tiktok, making videos. This yap, which has become twenty for some and nectar for others, has changed the lives of many people. Even people who have gone viral from Tiktok, now a popular artist, are increasingly using Yap, which has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

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