Time that stood still – Nadekhiyeko Nepal | Ep: 3

टक्क अडिएको समय | Time that stood still – Nadekhiyeko Nepal | Ep: 3, Time moved in the speed of light in this city of Kathmandu but one specific building remained unaffected throughout. Merely 50 years back, this building was the only source of knowing time. This building witnessed history, saw the time change right infront it.

But now, it’s the last thing that comes to our mind when we think of the very thing that it identifies with. Lost in the transition from bells to alarm clocks, the tolls of Ghantaghar have now lost their significance. But, the bells ring regardless. If you listen closely, the tolls are still there but hushed. In this episode of Nepal Unreported, we try to understand the story of Ghantaghar- the building that stood still, and resisted change- and explore the sides to Ghantaghar that are yet to be discovered.

Script – Suraj Subedi

Editor – Ram Tamang, Rupesh Thapaliya

Research – Sujita Karki, Deepak Rai

Voiceover artist – Sandip Pariyar

Graphics – Suresh Bade, Shrey Shakya, Rupesh Thapaliya, Bibek Shrestha, Pradip Dahal

Audio co-ordinator – Uttam Shrestha

Music Producer – Rawpraveen Shrestha

Cameraperson- Avesh Muni Bajracharya, Chandraman Dangol, Sujan Thapa

Production Assistant – Sapana Gurung

Creative Director – Bipin Kumar Acharya

Digital Team– Sujit Luintel, Subin Bhandari, Suman Mainali, Asmika Rai, Roshan Kumar Yadav

Manager-Production – Luv Karki

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