To move forward in the federalism of the advanced system of governance with identity

Any political party is an image of society. Leader of Janata Samaj Wadi Dal and MP Rajendra Shrestha says that the shadow of the development process of the society falls within the political party. He says that the future of the party will be better if it can cross the line and throw away the negative aspects of the society and embrace the positive aspects and move towards a progressive defecation.

He says that the campaign will not be completed as soon as it is established. Citing the example of the Nepali Congress, she said that the Nepali Congress was established in 2003 BS. Having been struggling since that time, he had the opportunity to form a government in 2016 BS. Thus, this party has now been established as the main party of the state. Therefore, it is necessary for any party to struggle a lot to get a developed form, he said.

Leader Shrestha says that Jaspa has learned a lot from the big parties established in Nepal and started in a new way. Jaspa is a party established by combining good things and giving up bad things. The Congress and the Communist Party have not been able to develop the country as they have not been able to come up with an ideology that is conducive to the environment of the society ideologically and ideologically. Those parties have not been able to change the environment of Nepal even after coming to power time and time again.

Therefore, ideologically, it is necessary to bring a new ideological concept in Nepal. Whoever has a pluralistic Nepali society can be reflected by the party, can be reflected politically and in the same way can be reflected in the state power. Therefore, Nepali society is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious. But since the parties are not like that, Jaspa was established by talking about the organizational importance of making the society the same party, the same state. Even in the party’s doctrine, the Congress and the Communists have not adopted a doctrine that suits the society.

The same principle was applied in Nepal by imitating what happened abroad. Most countries are unitary. In a unitary country, it takes the form of a single ethnic group, but in Nepal, such a theory certainly does not work. Therefore, Jaspa has come up with a new way of thinking that it should adopt multi-ethnicity. There is a principle of federalism, proportionality and inclusive socialism with a model. Shrestha is the leader of Jaspa who will move forward in the federalism of an advanced system of governance with identity.
Currently, Nepal’s political situation is fluid. He says that such problems have arisen in Nepali politics because of being in Tarla.

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