To please the old master, Prachanda said that if the king is right

Recently, the Central Chairman of the CPN-Maoist, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, had said that the system of monarchy was appropriate and that the current president and prime minister were respected more. Many have criticized Prachanda for the same statement. Similarly, political analyst Umesh Manal calls it the smell of change of government. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai had said that the monarchy would return to Nepal after gathering five parties but foreign powers were interfering in it. In this context, everyone is skeptical that Prachanda is making such a statement because of the connivance of these parties. In Prachanda’s case, Khanal says, the king was forced to return.

In 2046 BS, the people supported these parties. By 2062, the people were not ready to come along. People were brought to the streets by creating many worlds. Now what to say to the people again? These communist leaders are now leaning towards the monarchy as many people think that the king is better than the party. He said that the parties have moved ahead to make the people a means of seeking votes by examining the mood of the people.
This group has hidden a large number of people in the Nepali Congress who consider themselves as dissidents. Khanal says that if that group explodes, a terrible situation will arise. Similarly, Nepali Congress leader Shanshak Koirala has been saying from time to time that there is a great possibility of Hindu Rashtra coming to Nepal if the Nepali Congress comes to power. But leaders of the same party, including Sher Bahadur Deuba, have refused to speak on the issue.

The Congress is preparing to go to the General Convention. Analyst Umesh Khanal has said that the party should be dissolved within the month of August as the party will be disbanded if it fails to attend the convention. The party is preparing to go to the convention using the facility provided by the constitution. Now the CPN (UML) is showing the same kind of behavior in the government. He says that it is time for the Congress to show its stand.

Analyst Khanal says that Nepal’s security and foreign policy is not in Nepal’s hands. According to him, Nepal has been unannounced Bhutanized. Nepal also has to ask India to speak in international forums. There is a need to be afraid even to deploy security forces at the border. Therefore, Nepal’s security policy and foreign policy is not in our hands, he said. Running a horse in Tundikhel does not mean that the security policy is in Nepal’s hands. Only if we can run horses in Kalapani and Susta can it be said that the security policy is in our hands.

He says that looking at the behavior and lifestyle of the communist leaders in Nepal, it is not appropriate to call them communists. If you look at the communist leaders of the world and the leaders of Nepal, the leaders of Nepal look like businessmen. Analyst Khanal says that some of the leaders of Mofasal in Nepal are really communist leaders but are missing in Mofasal.

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