To whom was the bribe of millions taken by Deputy Secretary Pramod? .

The administrative sector of the National People’s Congress has become almost useless in corruption, due to the personal setting and corruption of the employees from small to big, it seems that it is difficult for common citizens to get rent equally. On Tuesday, a deputy secretary of the government took a bribe of 6 lakh and kept it in the car while returning home, the Aktiyar Investigation Commission caught him. The deputy secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Pramod, has given a handshake to Nepal in relation to giving a directive regarding paragliding.

The program “Samaya Chakra” broadcasted by Yoho television HD has done the job of criticizing the illegal, incongruous, immoral and illegal activities in the society. In the present time, people are suffering from one human being to another human being, humans are changing according to the times, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special measures to stop. The cycle of time has done the work of correcting the wrong actions done by people and taking the initiative to move them on a positive path.

Graphics of this program: Ranjana Neupane, MRC: Amit Shrestha, suman chaudhari, Basant Saud, Studio Camerap; Purnan subedi, Rajesh Dhakal, Camera parsan: Shirash Shrestha, Ashish Ramang, Abhista lama, visual editor: suman Neupane, Reporter: Bikram Shrestha, Producer : Dhruba Rijal, Rheetu Bichur. Yash program has played an important role in informing about the anomalies in the society and reducing them.

If we look at socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when the common citizen can confidently say that he is free. Common citizens are always being affected by something or other by the big group, in order to live life, it seems that one person struggles with another human being to advance his life, in Nepal, common citizens also have to struggle a lot to get justice. The real problems in the society are done by the time cycle.

With the passage of time, there are different kinds of changes in technology and human life, so that a kind of different wave spreads in the society. In the society we live in today, various events are happening, which are giving a negative message to the society. Nowadays, people are being cheated every day, they even risk their lives, even if they remember, they have become the victims of incidents that make their hearts hurt, which is sending a negative message to the society.

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