Today is Friday, which god to worship?

The last day of the week, Friday, is considered a good time to start work. According to theology, Venus is the planet of pleasure, worldly happiness, love, entertainment, business, wife. So hurting your wife, wearing any kind of dirty clothes gives good and bad results.

It is better to do these things on Fridays. Wear white on Fridays. It is also considered good to worship at home by planting a basil tree on Friday. Venus, being the brightest on the planet and a symbol of love, is also mentioned in Dharma Shastra that this time everything will be auspicious. According to experts, wearing white clothes on Friday is very good. Similarly, it is considered good to worship by planting a basil tree at home on Friday.

Today, it is believed that donating silver, rice, milk, yogurt, white sandalwood, and white clothes to the wife of a priest will bring success. Today, the scriptures say to wear white sandalwood even when leaving home. If you can distribute some portion to the cows before making the food false on Friday, then there is fragrance in gold

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