Today Mahashtami: Special worship to Mahagauri Bali Devi

On the eighth day of Navratri, today, the eight donations of Navadurga , worship Mahagauri.

The form of Mahagauri, the beloved of Mahadev, is unique. Mahagauri is seen riding on a white bull wearing white clothes and the color is also white.

It is believed that the worship of Mahagauri removes many of the faults in human beings and destroys even the sins committed in the previous life. There is a belief that devotion to Mahagauri will lead to supernatural achievements.

During the period of Navratra, Shailaputri is worshiped on the first day, Brahmacharini on the second day, Chandraghanta on the third day, Kushmanda on the fourth day, Skandamata on the fifth day, Katyayani on the sixth day, Kalratri on the seventh day, Mahagauri on the eighth day and Siddhidatri on the ninth day.

Today special worship of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati is done. Today is also called Maha Ashtami. Today, special worship is held at Shakti Peeths across the country.

Special worship of Durga Bhawani is done by sacrificing animals in Shakti Peeths. On the day of Maha Ashtami, it is customary for everyone to offer animal sacrifices according to their own tradition. Those who do not offer animal sacrifices also offer coconuts, kubindo, banana, ghirau, etc.

Today, 54 bullocks and 54 goats are sacrificed to Taleju Bhavani at the original Choma in Dasanghar of Hanuman Dhoka. Today, there is a practice of worshiping animals, machines and vehicles with animal sacrifices.

Devotees flock to visit various Shakti Peeths across the country during Navratri. Especially in Kathmandu Naxal Bhagwati, Shobha Bhagwati, Bhadrakali, Bhaktapur’s Nala Bhagwati, Palanchok Bhagwati’s temple, Taplejung’s Pathibhara, Dharan’s Dantkali, Gorkha’s Manakamana, Saptari’s Chhinnamasta, Pokhara’s Vindhyavasini, Bhojpur’s Siddhakali temples are specially worshiped.

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