Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation builders

There are many organizations fighting for the protection, promotion and protection of children’s rights in Nepal. However, the situation of children is still the same.  Some are forced to live a miserable life day and night in the streets. Some government organizations have taken various initiatives. Street children are found in abundance.  After getting married, they reach Jada Road. According to the statistics, 37.4 percent of the children aged 5-17 years are involved in child labor even though they are unemployed.

According to rights activist Indu Tuladhar, the new constitution has not been amended due to lack of labor inspectors, monitoring and implementation of the Child Labor Act 2075.  They have become victims of sexual exploitation. Some rights activists say that they have faced some problems even though they do not have much information and consciousness. According to Bharat Adhikari of Siming Nepal, child labor is found in informal sector hotels, high-ranking employees, factories, etc.  It is a pity that even if more than 1000 cases reach the relevant places, they are left without any action.  They say that it will be easier to do something.
According to Juna Basnet, Deputy Mayor of Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur, out of 12 brick kilns in Suryabinayak Municipality, JJ and Nanda Kisor have been given child labor in 2 brick kilns.  Two months after the law was enacted, two child laborers have been released and the remaining 10 will be released soon.
Rolpaki Ramkesari Casey, who dropped out of school and went to Ita Bhatta due to compulsion, says that when her hands got burnt while working, her legs were very sore at the beginning.  As a result of hard work and having a baby at a young age, my arms, legs and hips have started to hurt a lot.
Raju Parajuli of Makwanpur, who has been the captain of the national hockey game since he was a street child, says that his parents used to drink a lot of alcohol when he was a child.  Since I was married, I didn’t know anything about other people in the house. My only option was the road. Most of the time, I lived on the street eating.  We used to eat with nerves. At that time, we felt like we could get new clothes to eat and go to school like other children.  I bought a gun for the abuser. But I didn’t know that such a life would come. When Mama Arpan came to be God for us.  I am very happy to remember the change now. From the street children to the local, district, national and international players, and the hate of being on the streets yesterday, I am very happy to remember the moment when Maya greeted me and others like me.  I don’t think children have to live like me.
Arpan Parajuli, who advocates for Raju Adhikari, says, “When I left home to go for higher education, when I reached Hetauda, ​​I saw the condition of street children.  After spending three months as street children in different places including Kathmandu with permission, I started this journey with 14 children after opening an organization called Mama Ghar on 2078/07/27.  We have rehabilitated 181 children. We have been rehabilitated. Social worker Siddhicharan Shrestha of Hetauda has donated 3 lots of land to us.

Parajuli says as long as Mama Ghar is in Nepal and there is no child on the street, a street children free society will be built.  The street children cannot be reduced. The government has a policy program. We have street children. We can’t agree on what we have. We have a gap.

According to Milan Dharel, executive director of the National Council of Children, out of one million children involved in labor, 300,000 are employed. Locals have been given three rules to make child labor free.
1- To decentralize the child protection center
2- Labor rules and management of informal sector workers
3- To connect with the local level in social security
Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work at the same time. Children above the age of 15 are allowed to work with the permission of the nearest labor office and the employer has to make full arrangements accordingly.

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