Today’s horoscope, Dec 11, Mangsir 25

Aries -Income will be modest. Even if it costs money, it will be followed by various opportunities at work. When you work hard, you will get opportunities.

Taurus – There are plans to start a new business. It is time to earn value, reward and prestige by doing social work. When you try, luck will help you.

Gemini – In addition to getting a fair price for labor, income will also increase. The situation will improve and the hope will be happy.

Cancer -There will be an opportunity for an enjoyable journey. Finding a good friend can also strengthen the bond of love. Enthusiasm will rise when it becomes a hopeful work.

Leo – There is a possibility of finding a good friend and tightening the knot of love. Many will appreciate your talent for having a good work ethic.

Virgo – Different opportunities can be created through hard work. Family members will be involved in the work. Friends can also help with the work.

Libra –  Dominance will be established in your area. Benefits can be derived from the use of ancestral property. Responsibility for prestigious work will be given.

Scorpio – There will be an opportunity to correct past weaknesses. Special opportunities will be available with the help of great personalities. There will be opportunities to start work that will be of lasting benefit.

Sagittarius – There will be double benefit from the same work. Interest in philanthropic work will increase. Good work can be reaped. The mind will be happy.

Capricorn – Work can be done to attract the intellectual community. Trade and industry will benefit. Business travel opportunities may arise.

Aquarius – By working hard, past weaknesses can be corrected. Family relationships will improve. There will be progress in education and intellectual field.

Pisces Pisces The effect of speech is to attract more people and make work easier. Fans will grow and respect will be gained.

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