Today’s Horoscope, Dec 23, Poush

Aries Aries Domestic problems will increase. The trust of others will decrease. There will be progress in reading and writing. There will be profit from trade and business. Foreign travel may be.

Taurus Taurus Professional entanglement appears. Enthusiasm for work will increase. The technical sector will be strengthened. The art field will improve.

Gemini Gemini Unfinished works will be completed. There will be progress in the literary field. Unnecessary worries will increase. There will be a decent income.

Cancer Cancer There will be plenty of people to support you in your joys and sorrows. Excitement will be aroused by the work being done. Diligence will solve embarrassing problems and give social prestige.

Leo Leo Enthusiasm will increase as it becomes a chore. Hard work will change your lifestyle. Special opportunities will be given to the competitors.

Virgo Virgo Many will be surprised by the display of talent. There is ample benefit to be gained from business and creative work can be a sustainable source of income.

Libra Libra If the unfinished work is completed, it is time to start a new work. Educational investment will increase. There will be enough money.

Scorpio Scorpio Interest in household chores will increase. The trust of others can be easily won. The mind will be happy. There will be partial improvement in teaching and learning.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Interest in religious work will increase. There will be creative work. Mental thinking and strength will increase. Time will pass in philanthropic work.

Capricorn Capricorn Enthusiasm will be aroused by becoming a hopeful work. Close friends will find those who are close to you. There will be various opportunities at work.

Aquarius Aquarius Beneficial work can be obtained. Family reunions will make you happy. When you dare, even complex tasks can be successful.

Pisces Pisces There will be progress in teaching and learning. Attempts can be made to travel abroad. The goal can be achieved by using wisdom.

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