Top 10 strange Buildings In The World | Engineering

The human race is an amazing being. That is why they have been established as the best creatures on earth. Man has built many amazing structures. In today’s issue, we are going to give information about the amazing houses built by people. People have built such houses in the world, some of them can be moved from one place to another and some of them are mobile.

Today we are going to talk about such amazing houses. First of all, let’s talk about Suite Vollard in Brazil. The building was built by a group of architects. Spanning has been installed on the exterior of this building. This 15-storey building has 3 floors up to 11 floors clockwise and anti-clockwise. It has helped to observe different gardens and sea level views even while sitting in the same apartment. The value of each apartment in this building is four million dollars.

Another tower built with the same architectural design as the Suite Vollard is the dynamic tower of the two. If the tower has 80 floors, it can move freely. The tower takes 180 minutes to complete. Those who live here can turn 360 degrees and see the desert, the sea and the city of Dubai. The project started in 2008 and was targeted to be completed by 2020 but has not been completed. This tower is also known as The Venice Tower. Located in Dubai, it is the largest tower in the world.

Sarifih House in Iran is also a famous building. It was built in 2013 by Iranian architects. This magnificent building is spread over 1400 square feet. It is a 7 storey building with elevator, gym, swimming pool and other services. The room here rotates like a wooden box. This is the attraction of the people.

Similarly, the Bond Finance Center constructed from pipes is also an amazing building. The building is surrounded by pipes in three layers and it is rotated by an electrical machine. Not only this, it also produces sweet music. The Kiefer Technique Sorum in Australia is also a world-renowned building. Its horizontal part is dynamic. It has the feature of easily adjusting the outside temperature and indoor temperature. The structure of the two Apple buildings is also in a different technique.

Anyone can be more surprised than a house built in eight minutes. But Ten Fold Engineering has built a house that will be ready in 8 minutes. The house can be taken anywhere and fitted.

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