TOP 15 AFTERNOON NEWS || 25-May-2021

Pictures of Forest Minister Prem Ale have gone viral on social media since Monday afternoon. A picture of Minister Ale has been pasted on the blue oxygen cylinder. On social media, a picture of Forest and Environment Minister Prem Ale was pasted on an oxygen cylinder donated by China.

His picture was also criticized on social media. However, Minister Ale has expressed his grief saying that he was criticized without understanding the reality. He said that he had handed over the cylinders he had bought with personal investment.

According to the Secretariat, Minister Ale purchased the cylinders at his own expense and distributed them in Kailali and Doti. Minister Ale on Monday handed over 75 cylinders of oxygen to Doti Hospital.

Of them, 15 cylinders were given by the Department of Oxygen Health Services and others were bought by him at his own expense, said his press advisor Vimal Bista. In Doti alone, Minister Ale distributed 60 cylinders of oxygen, 4 oxygen containers and 150,000 surgical masks at his own expense.

On Tuesday, Minister Ale also gave 50 cylinders of oxygen to Seti Provincial Hospital Dhangadhi, said Bista. He lamented the protest on social media without understanding the reality. It is said that Minister Ale distributed 110 cylinders of oxygen with personal investment.

Though the Congress, UCPN (M) and UML cadres of Madhav Nepal claimed that a photo of the minister was posted on the social media, the secretariat said that this was not the case.

It is said that the UML cadres have affixed the sticker of the minister on the health items including the cylinders bought at the personal expense of the minister.

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