Top most visiting places in Iran

Iran is very different from our country Nepal. There are different rules and regulations that should be followed within this country. So before visiting Iran we should be concerned about these particular things. 

Iran is one of the most popular historical countries of Asia and is located in the South-west direction of Asia. Until 1935, it was recognized as Persia, later it was named Iran. The authority name of this country is The Ismalic Republic of Iran and the area of this country is 1,648,195 The border of this country is touched with different countries which includes- Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan. And the sea borders include Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman Saudi Arabia, Hormuz and the Arab Emirates. The total population of this country is 8 crore and 50 lakhs and is the 18th country to have a large population in the world.

76% of people in this country live in cities and 24% of people live in villages. It is the second largest country of the Middle East and its capital and largest city is Tehran.

Most of the population of this country is covered by Sunni and Muslim but we can also found Yehudi and Jorastren as well. Carpets produced in this country are famous all over the world. The currency of this country is called Iran Rial and Iran Rial 361= Nepali Rupee 1. Carpet is the most exportable product of this country after Oil. But the women of this country are not free to visit any places and in case if they want to visit then they should wear Burka but they can show their face to others. The women of this country are recognized as the most beautiful women of the world and 8/10 of girls do the plastic surgery of their nose to look beautiful and attractive. Not only the women but also the men of this country do the plastic surgery of their nose. 

In Iran, girls are prohibited to watch the games by visiting the sports place, so they wear the boy dresses to hide their identity and enjoy the match. But in october, 2019 world cup qualified game was held in Iraq where girls are allowed to go to stadium and watch the match and volleyball is the most likable game of Iran. If any unfavourable behaviour is done by any man to any girl, then police have the right to marry that man with the girl to whom he teases. People are prohibited to watch the satellite television and the Government of Iran has banned the GOOGLE search engine at that place saying it is the platform to do jasusi. Not only that, if any member of the family does not want to marry, then he/she is called immature and the family does not accept such a person as their family member.

The people of this country do not like and prefer late night parties and according to them those who work late nights will die soon. Therefore, the big and standard restaurants of Iran remain closed before 11pm. They prefer to sleep early and rise early as well. The people of this country are very sokin to eat the delicious foods. Their local meats are very famous all over the world. Polo is a game which is developed from this country. Iran is the only country, where the training about population control is given to the couple before marriage and the girl and boy are also asked about their understanding. The people of this country are allowed to change their gender and they visit Thailand to change their gender. When people of one city visit the other city , then they give presence to their relatives as their culture.

Persepolis is the main place of the country where a lot of historical and archeological sculptures are found which are more than 100 years old. We can also get a lot of information about Persian kingdom. Other important places are  Valley of the stars, Chogha Zanbil, Nasir OL-Molk Mosque which are one of the most beautiful and the tourist designated places of this country. 

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