Torture of vehicles to return home from Kathmandu to celebrate Dashain

In Nepal, it is difficult for people to travel from one place to another. This makes it difficult for ordinary citizens to travel.  People are struggling to move from one place to another with different dreams in their eyes. As the festival approaches, people return home with a lot of happiness in their minds in the hope of having fun with their family.


Some people are in a hurry to forget the pain and suffering of the country and abroad by staying with their families, while others are in a hurry to go home and rest for a few days.  People are in a hurry to meet all their relatives and exchange sweet love. In this way, people have become unhappy. Citizens who have traveled long distances and short distances have felt a lot of suffering. Those who do not have time to rest  They are forced to stand.

According to the traffic police, more than 610,000 people have been evacuated from Kathmandu since the day of Phulpati alone.  He says that it is difficult to travel when the vehicles are full. The common people are forced to hide their happiness and express their pain as they are in a hurry to get vaccinated from their families.

Those who have not returned home for a long time after the completion of Dasai vaccination site are busy preparing for home. But due to lack of proper management in Nepal, those who return home have to suffer a lot.  Those who have not eaten at other times also go on their journey by adding sadness to get vaccinated on the site during Dasai.

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