Tragic story of a woman held hostage for 19 years, gave birth to 9 children

It sounds like a movie story about a hostage woman giving birth to nine children. Many films based on similar stories have been made in Hollywood. But this story is based on a true story. The girl, who was abducted on June 12, was held hostage for 19 years. She even gave birth to nine children while she was being held hostage.

Uncle Rosalin, 11, lived at home with her mother and grandmother. Rosalin’s mother befriended a man named Henry. Henry and his mother became close friends. Gradually, they turned that relationship into a marriage. But Henry had a negative view of Rosalin. Rosalin’s mother became aware of Henry’s negative attitude towards her daughter, but she could not save him. Henry began sexually abusing Rosalin.

Although Rosalin’s mother and Henry were married, Henry began sexually abusing Rosalin. One day while Rosalin was studying at school, Henry came to the school and took Rosalin away. When Rosalin did not return home, her mother began searching for her. He also reported to the police but could not be found.

Henry had taken Rosalin to a hotel. He took her to the hotel and started sexually abusing her. Henry used to change hotels from time to time. Rosalin became pregnant for the first time. But unfortunately she got Miss Carriage. Rosalin tried desperately to escape Henry’s clutches, but to no avail. One day, Henrikam took Rosalin across the US border to Mexico. Rosalin gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. Poverty was such that Henry Rosalin was forced to sit on the street carrying a child to beg. With this money, Henry used to consume alcohol and drugs. Henry used to sexually and physically abuse Rosalin.

Rosalin also worked selling ice cream to alleviate poverty. But Henry beat him to death under some pretext. In 2016, Ian and Lisa met Rosalin. At the time, Rosalin and her children were looking for something to eat in the garbage. After learning of Rosalin’s condition, the couple said they would rescue her. But when Henry found out, he took them to another village. There were 11 people living in a small house where two people could not live well. What to talk about poverty. Ian and Liza were following them.

One day, Ian and Lisa took Rosalin and her eight children away while Henry was under the influence of alcohol. One of the children was sleeping with Henry. She later returned to the United States with her eight children. She also met her mother. But she was afraid that Henry would come looking for her. In 2017, police arrested and jailed Henry on a number of charges, including illegal residence and abduction. Rosalin’s children are currently in government school and she has a small job.

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