Traveling to the base of Dhaulagiri Himal

The more you travel in Nepal, the more power comes to your body, and there are places where you can experience new places, from where power is generated in people’s lives, Sachin Neupane, who studies social issues, tells the stories of all countries, new historical and religious places. Even though I was able to read about it in books, I could not study Nepal, purvi blues youtube channel started showing story scenes from every place in Nepal.

There are many beautiful places in Nepal where the scenery makes people charming. Traveling to the base of Dhaulagiri Himal was very fun and entertaining and new facts were observed. Avalanches and dry avalanches keep falling under the base camp. Dhaulagiri Himal is reached to the base of the mountain facing many difficulties. Facing the risk, the waterfall is found in 15 minutes on the journey to the Himal.

The journey from Pokhara to Dhaulagiri Bagar village, which is known as the most touristic area of ​​Gandaki province, was enjoyable. In order to get there, earlier people had to go with the help of a rope, but now there is a small path, but they can walk, but it is a very difficult journey. Many foreigners go on a journey to Dhaulagiri Himal. Modi climbed the mountains from the village and continued his journey. Myagdi is known as the most difficult mountain in the district.

At the local level, there will be a debate about whether to keep the old customs and behavior culture in the same way or create a new way, but it is said that many people will recognize the same in order to attract tourists and preserve the old culture.Since there is no promotion of natural gifts in Nepal, no one but the locals know about them, Sachin started this journey to introduce the best model places of Nepal.

In Nepal, a country full of natural, cultural and religious forms, there are places that attract people’s hearts everywhere, where people can get a new experience of life by wandering around and losing a thousand sorrows and pains in their hearts. Developed countries have created various man-made things to attract tourists. But in Nepal, due to not being able to manage the gifts of nature itself, people do not know about the scenes of many places.

After work stress in his life, pressure from other places increases, he is looking for a place to control his mind, quiet, beautiful, green, solitary, to change the life of a person, which places can be found in large quantities from the big slums of Nepal to the city. do In Nepal, there are places where greed is felt, where people leave to visit because of lack of publicity.

Geographically, Nepal is divided into three parts, mountains, hills, and plains, where there are different types of clothing, language, culture, customs, and behavior. When you feel greedy, laughing and joking with people, the moments when the women of the village are happy are different, which gives a person a distinct identity. Although it is somewhat difficult when traveling to villages and developing villages, the water and beauty of those villages have given people more power than that.

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