Tried to throw a Mic in Parliament, Janardhan Sharma ran budget

UML lawmakers yelled slogans when Finance Minister Janardan Sharma introduced the replacement measure from the House of Representatives rostrum. The UML legislators were incensed.

On Friday, there was an odd spectacle at Parliament. In the face of objections from the opposition CPN-UML, Sharma dashed to the podium to present the alternative law. Sharma continued to read the 2019 budget despite the sloganeering of UML MPs who attempted to gain the podium by climbing over the marshals—and falling. 

Ghamsaghamsi went with dignity. Meanwhile, UML MP Rekha Kumari grabbed the microphone of Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan’s table and tried to throw it towards the rostrum. She claims that other parties make poor decisions that are harmful to the country. Mic was grabbed for the good of parliament. I can break someone’s head if they try to break the limit, said Jha.

At the same time, other UML MPs stopped him. After trying to pull out the mic, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba pulled out the mic in front of his table and hid it. A fascinating thing about yesterday’s parliament address, speaker, and pream juhari brawl is that it has made history. Former Surendra Pandey and Finance Minister Janardan Sharma. Pandey, who carried his own personal luggage during the previous Bugdeg address (66\67), had the similar incident, with his luggage being destroyed by his adversaries. The current Ministry of Finance was also presented at that time.

Finance Minister Sharma has revised the previous budget through the replacement bill, adding some new commitments while eliminating funding for a number of projects, including 1,400 minor road projects with unfinished preparatory work. “Rising Covid-19 immunization rates will allow for greater relaxation of containment measures, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley, as well as a more persistent and stronger rebound in international tourism—both of which will benefit the broader services sector,” it stated.


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