True story of hermit for 27 years in jungle

Most people like solitude when they are saddened by the world society. People sometimes feel lonely and feel at peace.  There are few people in the world who have lived in the jungle for long periods of time. Many people prefer solitude for what happens in their lives.  No one knows when a person’s thinking will change.

According to official records, he was the only solitary person on earth to be born. He spent 27 years of his life in solitary confinement in the jungle without speaking to anyone. His name was Christopher Nair.  Man was living in the jungle without any purpose in life. He was born in a dream house but he lived alone in the jungle. Most of the people want to have fun in their life. But his life was different.

He was a very shy man who worked for an alarm company. He did not like crowded places, noisy noise.  He was able to live a normal life in the jungle. He had also learned to work as an automobile driver. He had also bought a new car.

One day, he got out of the car and drove on. He ran out of fuel and locked himself in the jungle.  He left the house with some clothes and food for a few days. After he had finished eating for a few days, he used to steal food from around and bring only enough for himself to eat.

Having stolen more than 1000 times, he did not bother anyone. He lived a simple life in the forest with a simple roof.  One day, the police fitted a CCTV camera and set off an alarm in the house where the keys were missing. Many were asked to be released on the same day by the police.  He was eventually sentenced to seven months in prison.

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