Truth of Priyanka Karki Crypto Currency Advertising in Facebook case, CIB interview & the complaint

Actress Priyanka Karki is involved in a controversy over cryptocurrency which is illegal in Nepal. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has summoned Priyanka to her office for questioning. CIB spokesperson SP Shyam Kumar Mahato informed that she is being interrogated now.

‘sHe was found posting about cryptocurrency on Facebook. After that, we have called for inquiries as to who and how the post was made, ‘said spokesperson Mahato.

During the interrogation, Priyanka said that cryptocurrency traders used her image. The CIB had contacted her after finding that an advertisement had been made using her photo. Cryptocurrency trading is banned in Nepal. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTAA) had instructed to shut down all mobile apps trading cryptocurrency on March 12.

Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, haptar networking, online gambling and so on are now illegal in Nepal. The Ministry of Information and Technology and the Ministry of Finance had directed the NEA to close down, saying that economic crime has increased due to such activities. NEA had closed it on the same basis.

She reached the Central Bureau of Investigation and gave a statement. CIB chief Dhiraj Pratap Singh said that she had been called for questioning as she was involved in the state’s banned activities.

SHe has lodged a complaint demanding arrest of the accused and action against her, according to police. The CIB has shown activism as it appears in advertisements to encourage investment in cryptocurrencies, which the NRB has repeatedly said is banned. However, the actress Karki said that she has reached there to help the CIB in the investigation of cryptocurrency.

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