TU teacher’s multi-million dollar village foam, daily milk production up to one and a half lakh, this is how the machine works.

A teacher is a person who is well-dressed in the minds of most of the people. Some hard working teachers, skilled teachers who understand the conversation, are also working to inspire the people who are sitting idle without finding a job.  A young man in the village is ready to do whatever he has to do in his sad days, when he is getting educated, even after getting a good job.  It is a shame to do so. But a professor from Tribhuvan has a different story.

In Sundari Jal, Kathmandu, Baburam Karki is running his business by making a well-organized cow foam.  He says that he has been raising cows since then. He says that he has made progress after raising 300 cows. He says that he has raised 300 cows and gives milk to 150 cows daily.  He is also a teacher in the Central Economics Department of Tribhuvan University.

The more a person reads, the more he has to kneel down. There are various struggles coming up in the human tongue. Facing those struggles, one has to struggle even further.  He says that he produces manure from his foam and sends it out of Rasuwa for fruits, plants and plants.  Saying that it has been 22 years now, he says that he has been using cow foam for 10 years now.

He was a teacher for a long time. He had two or three cows in his house, the milk of which he used to sell in the market.  He started after 12 years. Gradually, as the market grew, so did his business success. He was a full-time professor at Tribhuvan University.  As the market continues to produce good products, the number of customers has grown exponentially.

As demand increased, he began to work in a new way by managing cow foam. He started his own business by managing his cow farm and adding more workers.  Cow from  continued his career as a successor. As work began to succeed, he decided to start a new business in Jiban.  Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

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