Twins Girls came out in the media after 3 months, saying that the music video was not made because of Paul’s absence.

In the field of Nepali song music, new music videos are being made in a different way, while the music video “Kya Cha Khabar” starring Princy-Prism and Obi Rayamajhi is being made in a different way. She says that she enjoys working in a different way today than the projects she has done so far. According to Obi, the song, sung by popular singers Pramod Kharel and Asmita Adhikari, seeks to spread the word about the society in a different way. He said that in order to complete a good project in a good way, they have built the song without compromising on cost.

Prinsi-Prisma said that she was happy to work with Obi Rayamajhi in the first collaboration. He said that he has a good habit of working in a way that makes himself and others comfortable while working. “I started appearing in music videos three months later, and now people are saying that they are paid more, not working alone, so they are coming less and less,” she said. She said that they are always worried about whether they will be in conflict or not. Since Paul Sah’s absence, music videos have become less popular, and now his reality is in this area, she said.

Gaining popularity in the field of Nepali art from Tiktok, artist Prizma-Princi, who is very much interested in the field of music video, said that with the audience, Sapot is moving towards the path of progress day by day. Struggling and struggling in her life, she stepped into the field of art, she said that the audience is very happy when they like her talent. She said that after the two sisters started making tiktok, the audience appreciated her and she continued to work, inspiring her even more.

She said that she did not speak in front of all the media as she was in conflict. After a disagreement in a Git interview, she was reluctant to answer questions from journalists as she was being asked personal questions. Since good praise has come from your changed mind, they have said that they will go for it if it comes to them. He says that women are to blame for everything that happens inside and outside the house. The couple, who are in everyone’s mind, say that they are getting good and bad reactions from time to time. These people who live like friends say that they share everything with each other.

The couple says that they have moved forward by struggling with the bittersweet moments in their lives. Princy and Priscilla can’t hold back their tears at the thought of their love affair. When people fall in love, they say that the person they want becomes abusive, but if there is a small disagreement between the two couples, then there is a big difference between the two couples. In an interview on the day of the release of a music video, she said that when she remembers her boyfriend, she is still in a lot of pain. She said that she did not get the love she deserved from her boyfriend. People forget themselves when they are in love, love is something that can bring light from darkness, it does not take long to bring light from darkness, so people always have to make a decision only by thinking.

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