Two artist victims of their fake death news.

Etalk is one of the popular televisoion program premiered from News 24 television, it is a talk show that presents the issue of society and more over the issue from the entertainment industry. The presenter is Raj Shreshta who is a experienced program presenter with lots of media experience.


Todays episode of Etalks has invited one of the finest tv serial actors on the country, and reveals their current problem which has become all over the media these days. The guests are Surbir Pandit and Rashmi Bhatta, who has gained popularity from the most watched tv comedy show Meri Bassai.

These days these two artist Surbir Pandit and Rashmi Bhatta has been stressed out with fake news spreard out, the fake news was made my some people in the social media about their death. Online and social media was flooded with their fake news of their death. Both artist was shocked when they came to know from their family members and fans that the news said they are dead, the artist and their family got shocked when they were contacted by peoples around to see if they are still alive or not. Although the actors wanted to be viral in the media being a actors but they became viral in the negative way. Surbir Pandi thought it could be some kids who might have made prank during this lock down time for fun. But when he found that the fake news on online news and tik tok as well as facebook he got super shocked.


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