Two beautiful nurse Story : who left family to save the sick

Nepal is currently fighting the second war of the Corona Destruction and many Nepalis have returned home after recovering and some are in the process of recovering. Today we are presenting the experiences of two nurses who have been working in the old Baneshwor Ratnarajya School for about 45 days.

Sangina Simkhada said that she was very proud to be able to serve the patient when she came to the hospital 45 days ago. Today, she is even happier to be able to return home after this period. We have to work with high vigilance when we are all infected.

Sometimes Baba Mami would force her to tell her daughter not to leave the house even though she knew it, but since her profession is to serve the sick people , we used to come back to serve the sick by reminding them who would take care of the sick. Nurse Simran Khatiwada said that her mother used to encourage her to be blessed as much as she served.

“Sometimes when we are giving injections, patient cough at their face, but we don”t think this as a bad situation , we are doing their job,” said Simran. She said that she is still working and will continue to serve them.

The current outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has become a pandemic. All COVID-19-affected countries in the world are implementing containment interventions and trying their best to fight against the disease to halt the further spread of the infection and to reduce mortality.

The public health workforce and healthcare staff in clinical settings are playing a crucial role in the early detection of cases, contact tracing and treatment of patients.

The availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and their consistent, proper use by healthcare providers and public health professionals is a crucial factor in combating any infectious disease in a crisis. The requirement of PPE has exponentially increased, as more and more countries are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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