Two girls got married, says will have baby soon.

Debu Oli and Kabita Nepali, who are now very viral on the social networking site Tiktok, got married in girl girl after meeting their hearts. She said that after the consent of both the families, according to the Hindu tradition, they got married after all the rules and regulations. Debu has said that although Kabita sometimes gets angry, she will calm down after a while. Debu, who is an employee of the Nepal Police, said that the two are happy, she will also give birth to a child as there are various scientific methods available in the market.

He said that the couple, who got married four to five months ago, became close to each other in a short period of time, and their love started growing after marriage. She said that when she came home from the gym in the evening, after seeing the time when Debu Kabita was on duty, she got the number from his friend and started talking to her. She said that she always grew up in a boy’s culture since she felt like a boy from a young age. She said that when they see that they are getting married, the family should consult them.

In Nepali society, it is surprising to hear that a boy and a girl get married, but after Debu and Kabita started liking each other, they stopped getting married, regardless of what the society says. He said that after getting married, he could not hide it, and after he put it on Tiktok, he was liked by a lot of viewers. Debu said that after the two people met in person, even though they were in love for 1 month, after a month they got married and everyone responded well.

He said that when Kabita got into a jam when she returned from the gym in the evening, after seeing her, she got a different feeling in her heart, then she started looking for him, and started talking to her by taking her number from other friends. She has said that she fell in love with him for two minutes. Since Kabita doesn’t feel that much towards a boy, after she said that she would find a boy from the family and get married, after they both agreed, they got married. Since Debu did not feel that he was a girl from the time he was a child, he said that he married the girl after he fell in love with her.

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