Two heroes in a trap: Eleena and Samarika can’t stop laughing when Samarika faints from laughter

Samarika and Samarika, two twin sisters who emerged from Tiktok in the Nepali art music video, are now very popular. After Didi Bahini came to the limelight from Tik Tok Yap, she emerged in the field of music videos. Samarika and Samarika, who acted in the music video of the song in the voice of Alina Chauhan and Bijay Pun, who are very popular singers in recent times, entertained and entertained in the interview.

The two artists, who have played more than 100 music videos, have been constantly competing. Two people who cannot tell each other apart because they are twins are constantly in the news. She said that even though they make different types of videos on Tiktok, they are friendly. She said that they used to call her by name. She has said that if the comments made by various viewers on the network make her happy, then it is fine, and if the comments are made to hurt others, she also feels bad.

After Jhapa’s souvenir and Samarika Dhakal became a hit on Tiktok, she entered Kathmandu with a lot of dreams, she said that she had to face many kinds of reactions while performing in Kathmandu. Smarika says that after getting a divorce from her husband after a few years of marriage, people’s perspective is different. She has worked to win the hearts of the audience by putting the events that happened in her life into practice and expressing them in sweet words. Recently, people seem to be busy with Tiktok even if they don’t get a job.

A person does not know anything until he feels it when he starts to be bothered by different things, only then does his life change. The number of people who like him on Tiktok by liking his words and behavior on Tiktok is huge. She says that those who appreciate the work she has done still respect her, and even after the divorce, she says that she is still working.

Smarika and Samarika, who entered Kathmandu by decorating six thousand dreams in the village, say that she has won the trust of the family. Smarika, who has won the hearts of many on Tiktok, says: She says that the videos that reach the relevant people by going to the views rather than the likes give her more encouragement. She says that she is happy because she got good inspiration from many people, Smarika Parton who makes Tiktok for various reasons, makes family, social, and motivational videos, Smarika started her journey with Tiktok and now she is engaged in music videos. She says that now she has started raising her voice at social events, even though she was hurt at first, now when she loses gold, she finds a diamond, and she says that it is applicable in life.


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