Two thousand nepali nurses to be brought to UK: Remuneration 500,000

In Nepal, high paid nurses had to work in cheap service facilities. Nurses who paid higher tuition fees in Nepal used to be unhappy when they did not get such service facilities.  Yes. Nurses who have paid a lot of money are now able to go to the UK with the same salary as they have been offered.  An agreement is being reached on Friday to take Nepali nurses to the UK.

Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha said that after the labor agreement, it was decided to expedite the process of sending Nepali nurses to the UK.  The decision to send was taken by the Government of Nepal. The UK has demanded to be proficient in English language in order to go to UK.  English-speaking nurses are allowed to work in the UK for as much as they want. People had to go to different countries to work for lower wages.

Following the decision of the British government, many nurses are happy. In Nepal, low paid wages in the private sector, working long hours, working in their field of study, have given relief to some bored nurses.  According to the Minister, the mental income of a nurse going to the UK will be Rs. 500,000, according to the British officials.  He said that the British government and the government of Nepal have decided to send nurses to the UK under G2G.

According to Minister Shrestha, the decision was taken as per the agreement between the British Government and the Government of Nepal. He said that the decision was taken without any involvement of private sector.  He said that due to the shortage of workers in the sector, there is also talk of France. Nepali people are working in the corners of the world.  Nepal has also said that it has taken the process of discussion forward as it is negotiating with the workers.

According to France’s proposal, Nepali workers could be sent to France. Last year, Labor Minister Krishna Shrestha and French Ambassador Gilz Gurubayo had a meeting.  During the meeting, the French Ambassador said that employment opportunities for Nepali health workers could be found in France.  It was decided to send workers to Israel through the g to g process. After completing all the work, the dream of 1000 nurses to go to Israel has reached its final stage.

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