UML Congress supports Rabi in chitwan

Ravi Lamichhane, Chairman of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, has not yet decided where he will stand for the House of Representatives from Kathmandu 2-3 and Chitwan 2-3. On the last day of nomination registration, Rabi Lamichhane reached the people’s doorstep after registering his candidacy from Chitwan Region No. 2.

Leaders and activists of UML and Congress have gone behind Rabi Lamichhane.  The people of the party have said that even though they are motivated by their love for the party, they are a person who has gone to build the country, and who loves to help millions of poor, poor, and voiceless people.
He has said that since he has been working with the party for a long time, he should see the party as well and since Mamta Rabi has already received the love of the people, he has seen the palace to win.  Rabi said that by going to people’s doorsteps, yesterday’s work has brought more support to the people today, strengthening Laya and will remain in the hearts of the people.
Rabi had fun playing Madal and dancing with the people who were preparing for Dasain Tihar while he was at the Ghardailo program.  She said that she is hoping to get more love from the people in the coming journey tomorrow by making an alliance with the people for the development of the country and the people.  Lamichhane, who has been raising his voice for social change for a long time, is no longer enough to speak on television, he is going to fight in the election saying that he will raise his voice from the parliament building.
In order to change the country, every citizen should change his vote in the future.  He said that the worthless people who have been ruling the country should be shown in the upcoming elections.  From the field of communication, the pain and suffering of ordinary people who are living in their own country and abroad are becoming the essence of happiness, the famous communication worker Rabi Lamichhane, who is creating a clean image, was seen in the election field.

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