UML has instilled the spirit of Praja Parishad. kp sharma oli.

A special program aired two days a week from AP 1HD on AP CENTER with former Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sarma Oli about the current situation in Nepal and the work done in the past and how these actions affect the present and the future. Has been debated. At one point, after much discussion, KP Sarma Oli, who became the prime minister with a two-thirds majority in an alliance with the CPN-Maoist, left the government in a minority after the party fell apart due to inability to manage the organization.

Oli, who has been instrumental in bringing about social change since his childhood, also spent a long time in prison, becoming prime minister only for a short time, gaining popularity among the people. Even though Oli, who is now in the role of opposition from outside the government, did not do what he said he would do, the UML party does not seem to have much commitment to work. Sometimes there are ups and downs in a person’s life, but by resolving them, people are making their steps successful.

KP Sarma Oli said that the UML party has always been in the spirit of the people’s council and they have always taken positive steps for the society and the country and the citizens. He said that the CPN-UML has been working for the good of the people and the country for the sake of good governance, prosperity and development. “As prime minister twice, I have always been on the positive side, and the country has been developing and the people have been relieved,” Oli said.

AP Center apcenter a multi – guests discussion show, generally conducted twice a week (thursday & saturday). The issues and guests vary as per the relevancy and demand of the particular time. guests range from analysis, stake holder, law makers to the ministers, As the name connotes epicenter, the show always tries it best to pick the issue that has become the epicenter of the debate in the nation. The regular hosts of the program are mr. Tikaram yatri, the chief editor and ms. Sama thapa, the associate editor of ap 1 hd tv.

He said that people from all walks of life should always be involved in the development of services and facilities to the country and the people. He said that if the political parties of Nepal worked well on the positive side, the Prime Minister would be elected directly by the people and there would be no such insurgency in the country. “Even though there is no commitment to some people, the treatment is still the same,” he said. He said that the people have not been able to control the power of the country and development of the country.

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