UML split

Politics played to protect power and authority is a game of selfishness in itself. The CPN-UML is divided due to such interests. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has expelled UML leaders Madhav Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal from the party for not supporting him and disobeying party rules.

From 2050 BS to 2064 BS, he was the General Secretary of the UML. Leader Nepal Jhala Nath Khanal said that the Maoists had already assumed the leadership of the General Secretary before the Marxist unity. The first leader to be elected UML president in 2065 BS. The UML also gave Nepal and Khanal the opportunity to become the Prime Minister of Nepal. However, KP Oli has expelled Nepal and Khanal from the party by calling a standing committee on May 25. In the difficult situation of the UML, these two leaders had given their support and dedication. At that time, Oli was only a spectator at the party. After the death of the then General Secretary Madan Bhandari in Dasdhunga in 2050 BS, the leader became the Acting General Secretary of the Nepal Party. Negotiations with the rebel Maoists, saying that the UML’s split and regression were half-true in 2054 BS, had joined the government and led the UML in a strong movement against the monarchy. After the party’s defeat in the 2064 Constituent Assembly elections, he resigned on moral grounds. After that, leader Khanal Pati came to the leadership.

In 2065 BS, Khanal defeated Oli in the eighth general convention and became the party president. Both leaders served as prime ministers. Nepal, which had claimed for the chairmanship in the ninth session, lost the election to Oli. Individual competition is going on between Oli and Nepal. Oli, who started monopolizing the party as soon as he became the party president, had made many efforts to sideline these two leaders. Most of the UML cadres became dissatisfied with Oli’s working style. After the declaration of unity between the UML and the UCPN (M) on June 19, 2008, many UML leaders and cadres were dissatisfied. Oli said the agreement was used only as a means of gaining power. This agreement almost ended the existence of both the UML and the UCPN (M).

The UML, which was established as the strongest party in the Communist Movement of Nepal, had split in 2054 BS. As the conflict between Oli and Nepal Khanal escalates, the UML is divided again. Chairman Oli has expelled many office-bearers, including the party’s vice-chairman, from the party without even being a member. The dissidents have been working to form a nationwide separatist organization and join hands with the opposition to oust Oli. Oli is said to have fulfilled his self-interest by taking advantage of the weaknesses of leaders Nepal, Khanal and Bamdev Gautam. Many seem to be interested in the future of the three leaders who left the UML and what the future holds for the UML party.

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