Unbelievable: 26 th mt. everest ascend – New guinness world records 2022 by legendary kami Rita sherpa

Many people are constantly trying to make a name for themselves and their country in the world by climbing the highest peak, Mount Everest.  Some people are successful in their journey, flying their country’s flag on the summit of Mount Everest, while others are forced to stop in the middle of their journey.  Nepal’s Kami Rita Sherpa, who has successfully climbed Mt. Everest for the 26th time, has set an artificial record again.

Kami Rita Serpa led an 11-member team of Nicefall Doctor, who reached the summit of Mount Everest on Saturday, May 7, 2022, according to the team managing her ascent.  The support team managing him has also played a key role in the management of other teams.  Kami Serpa had climbed Mt. Everest for the 22nd time in 2018, but now she has managed to climb Mt. Everest for the 26th time.  He continues his journey by keeping one artificial after another.

Kami Rita Serpa, born on January 17, 1970 in Thame, Solukhumbu, is also known as the village of climbers.  Kami Rita Serpa, who started working as an assistant at the age of 12, climbed Mt. Everest for the first time at the age of 24. She holds the record for the highest number of climbers in more than 8,000 mountains.  Serpa, who has two children, is continuing her studies with the aim of putting her children in a better place.  Man is working hard in his life, looking forward to progress day by day.

Serpa said that since they were poor and illiterate in the past, they had to take risky journeys to support themselves and their families.  Thinking that his wife, Changma, would retire and quit her job, she was always on her way.  Although most people climb mountains for their hobbies, the Serpas are forced to climb Mt. Everest to make a name for themselves in the world.  Rita Serpa says that the government does not pay much attention to the Serpas who make their country famous in the world.

He says that even though he was admitted to the hospital in 2017 due to illness, the government did not pay much attention to him.  Kami Serpa has been climbing Mt. Everest every year since 1994, and her journeys have been moving forward successfully one year after another.  Doing one after the other every year, Mount Everest Serpa is constantly working on his life.  Even if a person makes history in his life by working for his country, his life is still miserable

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