Unbelievable Gita Pokharel & Dr. JP Jaisawal, Celebrity Doctor of Norvic Hospital

The rape case of a teenager who participated in a beauty pageant eight years ago has received a lot of attention on social media. Police have arrested consultancy director Manoj Pandey on the charge of being involved in the incident. Like the teenager, a woman has also posted a picture of another celebrity who raped her. The doctor working at Norvic Hospital, Dr. JP Jaiswal is a top woman looking for a top leader. His attention was drawn to Dr. on social media. She has launched a campaign to boycott Jaiswal.

In his campaign, former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has expressed solidarity.

Dr. Bhattarai also wrote on Twitter that he knew the doctor and would now expel him.

Praising the woman who made it public that she was being treated unfairly, Dr. Bhattarai also wrote on Twitter that masculinity should end now. He wrote, “Salutations to the courage to make this throat-sick truth public!” In the same way, all the females that have been forbidden till now should live in a way that makes the sky tremble, all the conscious males

He added, “Maleism should be buried.” “I would also like to announce the expulsion of those doctors from today,” he said. Bhattarai has written.

Her daughter Megha Chaudhary is now the managing director of Norvik Hospital started by businessman Vasant Chaudhary. Chaudhary, who is also active in literary activities, is found protesting against violence against women in his writings. However, the hospital has not taken any action against him despite serious allegations against the doctor working at his hospital.

“Earlier, the doctor had been accused of abusing a foreign woman,” said a hospital staffer. Dr. himself. A woman accused of raping Jaiswal said that the doctor forced her to marry him. He made the allegation on social network Twitter. A campaign to boycott Jaiswal has started.

Saying that these are the people who raped her on the social network Twitter, a senior doctor working at Norvik Hospital, Dr. Jai Prasad ‘JP’ Jaiswal’s picture has been made public.
The woman was taken to Dr. It has been made public that Jaiswal raped her by showing the temptation of marriage and even rejected the child born after the rape.

The young man had a medical certificate in his hand. I fell in love with her without finishing my studies. He showed me the certificate to please me. I believed. I also accepted her dream of a successful home

Dr. She has even written that her life was on the verge of death due to Jaiswal.

‘I am at the crossroads of life and death. There were only two options before me. Surviving the struggle and saving the life inside the womb or committing suicide. I got the gold medal of love, I could have committed suicide by getting pregnant! Baby is the sweetest choice in my life, ‘she wrote,’ so I got into the mood to have a baby anyway. My child’s father escaped from Nepal but I was not disturbed. In the meantime, have an abortion, money

Dr Jaiswal, who works as a cardiologist at Norvik Hospital run by billionaire businessman Binod Chaudhary’s brother Basanta Chaudhary, had earlier been accused of attempted rape. Diopost.com had made public the incident where he tried to rape the wife of a foreigner named Benjamin Dagan while he was undergoing treatment at Hotel Himalaya. To get feedback on the incident, Dr. When contacted, Jaiswal had given a controversial statement that he had been cleared by the hospital administration.


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